Casting Light on a New Era

Introduced to Rome society in 1894, the architecturally iconic St. Regis Rome is located in one of the city’s most impressive palazzos. The pioneer St. Regis in Europe and a social beacon for Romans and international travelers, the hotel has emerged to define a new era of luminosity.

Be part of a new era of Luminosity #CastingLightonaNewEra

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LUMEN, Cocktails & Cuisine

Lumen, Cocktails & Cuisine is the new bar of the St. Regis Rome. Lumen is the light of each of us amplified and multiplied by sociality, that here beats in its pulsating heart. Lumen is a place born to elevate the drinking experience.

LUMEN Cocktails & Cuisine, which owes its name to the unit of measurement of light, is ready to welcome its guests with an all-day offer, made of various options around the hours of the day.

From gathering point in the morning, when the breakfast is served, to ideal setting for a business lunch under the majestic central dome; as unmissable place-to-be for aperitivo, when the St. Regis Sabering ritual announces the arrival of the evening, until after dinner, where the drinking experience becomes a sociality event.

Lumen is impalpable material as the wings of a butterfly

A Sparkling Night

Lumen, Cocktails & Cuisine unfolded its wings and just like a butterfly flew off to a visionary celebration party.

Elevating the drinking experience
From Eyes to Mouth

The LUMEN Glasses Signature Collection, curated by Le Dictateur, dissolves the boundary between a functional object and a work of art.

The visionary celebration of the new St.Regis Rome illuminated the Eternal City during the 8th and 9th of November

The St. Regis Rome has officially entered a New Era unveiling all its new bright magnificence with a unique event titled Casting Light on a New Era.

Following a meticulous restoration The St. Regis Rome pays tribute, with a new look, to its 125 years of history celebrating the fascinating atmosphere of Rome and reinterpreting in a modern key the timeless elegance of the hotel.

For one night the hotel served as a superb stage for dreamlike performances and surreal shows.

Visionary Celebrations

The St. Regis Rome has unveiled its bright new magnificence during an extraordinary celebration party that has marked the beginning of a New Era of Light.

Spectacular Light and Art installations

The historic façade was illuminated for the occasion with a distinctive play of lights and enriched with the spectacular installation “Blaublobbing” by the contemporary artist Loris Cecchini.

The Midnight Supper, a St. Regis Signature Ritual

The Executive Chef Francesco Donatelli delighted the guests with a special menu and a selection of signature cocktails designed to honor the traditions of Caroline Astor

Captivating Culture.

Entertaining and amazing the guests with the eclectic shows of Nu’Art, who performed during the night with live music and spectacular choreography, followed by the unparalleled Champagne Sabering, one of the iconic rituals of the St. Regis brand.

A Night to Remember.

The evening ended at the Ritz Ballroom where, under the splendid frescoed vault of the late 1800s, the artists of the orchestral band Les Cigales creating an immersive atmosphere that involved the guests until late at night.

St. Regis Rome Bespoke Experiences

New exclusive collaborations with several Fashion, Art and Design Italian excellences

To crown the renovation works, the hotel features new exclusive partnerships to enrich the offer and make every stay memorable, in the name of Italian excellence.

The hotel offers a customized courtesy car for guests: an iconic Fiat 600 Multipla from 1962, designed exclusively and realized by Garage Italia, with a new zero emission electric engine unit.

The St. Regis Rome is also pleased to announce an exclusive partnership with Galleria Continua, listed among the most predominant art gallery in the world, welcoming a series of exhibitions. The first artist is Loris Cecchini whose unique works will be available for residents and outside guests until March 2019.

Setting the style, the hotel has also presented the collaboration with Larusmiani, a great example of the finest artisanship and tailoring, with a bespoke trunk in the hotel lounge to purchase unique pieces of the Gentlemen’s Essentials line. As well as with Giada Curti, a roman haute-couture designer, that created a tailored collection of stylish, made-in-Italy uniforms for all hotel employees.

An iconic Fiat 600 Multipla from 1962, designed exclusively for the hotel by Garage Italia

The interior replicates a fresco by Pietro da Cortona, located in the salon of the noble floor of Palazzo Barberini in Rome. The two exteriors colors recall the original model from the 60’s, black and ivory pastel, painted with a special glass effect and enriched by a line of a leaf of 24K gold that runs on the sides of the car.


The art installations throughout the hotel invite guests, global travelers and Roman citizens to interact with art, in a game of references between external and internal, public and private.

The collaboration with Galleria Continua will be enhanced by a calendar of meetings and encounters, open to the public, which will feature curators, collectors and artists, in conversation with the guests of The St. Regis Rome.

New collection of uniforms designed and created exclusively by the Haute Couture fashion designer Giada Curti

Inspired by the contemporary classicism of Pierre-Yves Rochon’s design, the new color palette as well as the hotel’s furnishings and tapestries, Giada Curti’s uniforms combine formal elegance with Mediterranean brio and pay homage to the glorious history of a hotel that has long represented a point of reference for five-star hospitality in the Eternal City.


Butlers, waiters, front office team and all the employees of The St. Regis Rome will dress up new elegant tailor-made uniforms, rigorously Made in Italy and customized in every single detail.

Art Experiences

Our guests are invited to live extraordinary moments to discover a secret and ancient Rome thanks to two exclusive itineraries thought for the new era of cultural influencers


The Evolution of a District: Diocletian Baths

Experience an amazing journey through time, to discover the events that have transformed the area where the largest spa complex in the world was built, in an elegant district for the new elite of the capital of Italy, where today the hotel is located.

Exploring Rome under a New Light

Discover the historic center of Rome from a new point of view, opening visiting four amazing venues, typically  inaccessible, linked to each other by the theme of light: an experience that will show what it means to really unveil a city, beyond the clichés.

The Evolution of a District: a virtual reality experience

The St. Regis Rome invite its guests to check in virtual reality and to experience an astonishing journey through time. With the aid of special virtual viewers, guests will see history and technology come together, discovering the extraordinary events that have transformed the area where the largest bath complex in the world once stood into an elegant XIX century district.

The Baths of Diocletian

360° videos will take the guests to an immersive virtual journey to discover the history and evolution of the hotel's district.

The Restoration

Supremely luxurious and artful residence.

Designed by famed architect Pierre-Yves Rochon , the restoration has masterfully captured the spirit of the city while maintaining the glamour and impeccable style. Blending a noble heritage with fearless, elegant interiors has transformed this grand dame into a supremely luxurious and artful residence.

hands holding pliers fixing flowerpiece of large chandelier

Intricate mouldings and the finest Italian materials.

detail of kichen floor with floral mosaic pattern tiles

Precious Mosaics

The materials used in the restoration, such as travertine and bronze, reference the Italian capital’s architectural heritage and traditions of fine artisanship. Magnificent sculptural busts, mosaics and objets d’art are displayed alongside plush fabrics. Aristocratic Roman patterns are further enriched by touches of deep yellow, powder blue and noble shimmers of gold and silver.

Fine Italian Artisanship

Favorite retreat for vanguards and muses

“We wanted to make the hotel more functional for today’s luxury traveller, yet it was key for The St. Regis Rome to retain its seductive, exclusive and timeless allure that has always reflected the city’s vibrant spirit.”


Pierre-Yves Rochon

Illustrious Guests

For centuries, the place to meet for the cultural, creative and business elite, it remains a focal point that radiates light even as the sun sets. Enduring for its social scene, it is where the muted conversations of the day is met by curated practices that interpret time and destination.

St. Regis partnership with Vogue

Aristocratic Roman Residences

The full-scale restoration includes all of the hotel’s 138 guest rooms and 23 opulent suites, elegantly layered with pastel hues that breathe new life into each space . Immerse yourself in our richly furnished rooms to capture the exquisite Roman spirit, featuring beautiful proportions and a unique décor.

Transforming each stay through understated luxury and the unexpected.

St. Regis Rome
luxury hotel corridor with mahogany desk lamps and beige walls decorated with art in frames with golden borders

Handpicked objects d’art and precious Italian fabrics


Named after the renowned hotelier Cesar Ritz, the Ritz Ballroom was introduce in 1894 as the very first public ballroom in Rome. Designed by the Roman architect Giulio Podesti and decorated with frescoes of Mario Spinetti.

aerial view of luxurious ritz ballroom with opulent chandeliers and frescoed ceiling

Roman Grandeur

Style and Refinement


Iconic Occasions and Bespoke Experiences

Whether you are celebrating a milestone anniversary or relishing in earned rest and relaxation, let your Butler plan every fine detail to make the experience a truly unforgettable one.

Allow our Butler to arrange for you one of our extraordinary experiences or curate your own bespoke one to make your Roman stay memorable.

Allow us and Live Exquisite.

st regis butler holding three wrapped boxes walking down white corridor
Exquisite Butler Service

Shaped by the intellectual and cultural curiosity of guests, signature butlers provide a masterful approach that defies the very notion of service – more, an elevated experience that infuses every fiber of a stay.

butler in blue jacket and white gloves pointing on map to guest sitting on scooter outside st regis rome

Thoughtfully commissioned, this is where innovation, anticipation and attention to detail are deftly met.

pair of hands wearing white gloves performing sabrage ceremony with bottle of wine

The transition from day to evening is marked by the sabering and serving of champagne.

four wine glasses with wine bottle in the background sitting on mosaic patterned floor

Statement & Spectacle

St. Regis Rome
detail of golden teapot charm emblazoned with st regis monogram sitting on handle of teacup
Afternoon Tea

The Tea ritual at St Regis Rome is an Italian reimagination of the English afternoon tea.

black and white open book with old portrait of caroline astor

A modern take on Mrs Astor’s exclusive afternoon gatherings.

two smiling young girls jumping on bed decorated with yellow silver gold pink and white balloons
Family Traditions

Caring for our youngest guests, The St. Regis Rome offers a dedicated Family welcome, tailor-made to the little ones, interpreted by the legacy of the eternal city.

st regis butler guiding young boy in orange shirt riding green toy car
The New St. Regis Rome

The legendary St. Regis Rome, an icon and a coveted address since 1894 is now ready to embrace a new era of glamour.

black st regis rome logo